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The Good News

The good news? You're the problem. The bad news? You're also the solution. In this episode, Christian talks about step one, and how it's necessary to long term sobriety to realize these 2 things up front.

The Good News2020-12-04T21:42:22+00:00

Aspects Of Addiction

Britt Parramore is a licensed counselor and founder of Pathlight Counseling in Woodstock Georgia. In this episode Christian sits down with Britt to talk about his new teen IOP that they started and the social and psychological aspects of the disease of addiction.

Aspects Of Addiction2020-09-18T20:02:31+00:00

Soldiers For Recovery II

Suleiman came all the way down to Atlanta from Philly to speak with Christian about the Bad Lands in Philly, recovery, and using the tools you've learned in the programs.

Soldiers For Recovery II2020-09-02T15:18:14+00:00

Thought Of The Day Ep. 3

Christian, Costa, David, and Liz talk about the thought of the day. Amends, God, forgiveness and willingness are all a big part of the amends process. Listen as these four go over the amends process themselves.

Thought Of The Day Ep. 32020-08-28T19:09:03+00:00

From Homeless To Hopeful

From being homeless and sleeping in tents to finding true freedom, Micah and Christian have a conversation about what life is like in long term recovery.

From Homeless To Hopeful2020-08-12T19:29:12+00:00

Early Sobriety and Religion

Christina is a mental health advocate and in early recovery. She and Christian talk about what that's like for her in recovery as well as how her view of religion has grown and changed. Christina is open about her early recovery because she has chronicled her mental health diagnosis with her online community through her

Early Sobriety and Religion2020-07-24T21:55:26+00:00

Citizens In Recovery

David talks with Certified Professional Coach Eric Johnston from Citizens In Recovery about breaking through trauma by coming to grips with our past and facing the future without shame or guilt.

Citizens In Recovery2019-11-06T21:03:50+00:00

Willingness with Dan & David

Dan and David get together to discuss the topic of willingness. Specifically willingness in recovery, not just to get and stay sober, but to continue to do the next right thing throughout the day to maintain a spiritual perspective on life.

Willingness with Dan & David2019-10-17T08:17:53+00:00

Art Of Homage

Art Of Homage We caught up with modern christian apparel creator Channel Dixon To discuss his company Art Of Homage and what it means to live your life in worship. Get your own WRSHP apparel at  

Art Of Homage2018-04-03T17:24:01+00:00

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