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Citizens In Recovery

David talks with Certified Professional Coach Eric Johnston from Citizens In Recovery about breaking through trauma by coming to grips with our past and facing the future without shame or guilt.

Citizens In Recovery2019-11-06T21:03:50+00:00

Willingness with Dan & David

Dan and David get together to discuss the topic of willingness. Specifically willingness in recovery, not just to get and stay sober, but to continue to do the next right thing throughout the day to maintain a spiritual perspective on life.

Willingness with Dan & David2019-10-17T08:17:53+00:00

Art Of Homage

Art Of Homage We caught up with modern christian apparel creator Channel Dixon To discuss his company Art Of Homage and what it means to live your life in worship. Get your own WRSHP apparel at  

Art Of Homage2018-04-03T17:24:01+00:00


We met up with self proclaimed 16 year old preacher Kevin Joab Smith to talk about how real it gets in the virtual world. The Most High Show addresses personal issues of identity, faith, and belonging.Leveraging the power of “me too” through guest interviews on personal topics. :PODCAST: :FACEBOOK: :Contact

What is a DIGITAL MISSIONARY2017-08-09T02:16:03+00:00

We Do Recover :: Annette’s Story

We interviewed the staff with One Step At A Time Recovery in Atlanta, GA. We talked about what it's like being on the front lines of recovery in a area that has been wrecked by a 4,000% increase in heroin related deaths since 2015. Listen to the full podcast on ITUNES or GOOGLE

We Do Recover :: Annette’s Story2017-08-02T21:10:41+00:00

S4-Ep11 :: Weed, Jesus and Forgiveness

Not forgiving someone can be poison to your mind, body, & spirit. Mark Goodman has experienced profound freedom from finding forgiveness for his abusive father and the trail of destruction that abuse left. With his non-profit in full swing, a book and a movie in the works. Mark is not just living in freedom but doing

S4-Ep11 :: Weed, Jesus and Forgiveness2017-07-12T12:54:01+00:00

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