The Most High Show addresses personal issues of identity, faith, and belonging. Leveraging the power of “me too” through social media and guest interviews on personal topics. Donations will help us to create content, plus pay for advertising to reach those who are in need through our Digital Mission.


Connecting people to solutions. Whether it is a rehab, sober living, meeting, prayer, or just getting together and connecting over a meal. This step is critical in establishing a community of fellowship for lasting recovery.


A physical location where we can train other leaders on how to reach people online as well as training for those in recovery. Teaching how to create content, shoot and edit videos, update websites, create a communication plan and more.

Ruling Year: 2017 | EIN: 82-2381711 | Reverend Christian Janson | Bridge Number: 0712056813

Cause Area (NTEE Code)
Alcohol, Drug and Substance Abuse, Dependency Prevention and Treatment (F20)
Media, Communications Organizations (A30)