Not forgiving someone can be poison to your mind, body, & spirit. Mark Goodman has experienced profound freedom from finding forgiveness for his abusive father and the trail of destruction that abuse left. With his non-profit in full swing, a book and a movie in the works. Mark is not just living in freedom but doing everything he can to share the message and pathway to

Mark is launching a 6 spoke initiative around a single Christian message – forgiveness:
•Full-featured movie in theaters (partnered with 3rd party movie company,
•Documentary (partnered with 3rd party movie company)
•Mark has authored a book on forgiveness to be pitched to publishers this fall
•Group Curriculum on Forgiveness
•Faith-based 501c3 non-profit: 70×7 – Path to Forgiveness w/ online assessment / content & weekday forgiveness inspirational messages

The Most High Show addresses personal issues of identity, faith, and belonging.Leveraging the power of “me too” through guest interviews on personal topics.

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