Have you ever felt alone? I’m talking about the deep sense of loneliness, not just being by yourself. Being lonely is feeling misunderstood, unheard, forgotten, abandoned. Studies have shown that a long-term sense of loneliness can lead to shorter life spans by up to 14 years.  I know what that’s like. To feel rejected abandoned and alone. Things happen in our lives, and because they are not a physical wound we do treat them the same. We just try deal the best we can.  One way to begin the process of becoming free is to acknowledge the hurt, acknowledge the wound and the feelings it brings, share that with someone you trust…  message us or a close friend. You wouldn’t walk off a broken ankle, or ignore a large cut on your arm, so why do that with our mind? Acknowledge the hurt, tell someone else about it and begin the process finding freedom in being by yourself, instead of trapped by the pain of being alone. Sharing is caring, and we need outlets for our suffering. Proper outlets are key. Is it healthy and sustainable?

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Also consider the social aspects of recreational drug use and how it leads to addiction.
Are not some of us convinced that to survive we have to assimilate and join the party culture?

The opposite of addiction is connection!

Take action to mental fitness. Spiritual fitness and physical fitness take work!

Vicious cycle. We need help! We often cannot do these things alone.