The Most High Bros

Christian and Adam talk about a multitude of things from recovery to how not to be boring in recovery.

The Most High Bros2020-02-12T20:12:12+00:00

Recovery Rundown Episode 7

In this weeks episode we'll discuss the election of 2020, Pharma Fraud, gambling addictions, Juice Wrld's autopsy, suicide in our military, Recovery Boys, Jessica Simpson, and an app called "Sober Grid." Come check it out!  

Recovery Rundown Episode 72020-02-12T20:06:37+00:00

Recovery Rundown Ep. 5

In this episode we'll talk about Cancer risks and Drinking, Trump and the opioid crisis, Brad Pitt.

Recovery Rundown Ep. 52020-02-12T19:58:47+00:00

Recovery Rundown Ep. 2

In this weeks episode we'll talk about Teen Vaping, Chronic Pain Relief, Kratom, and the passing of Juice WRLD

Recovery Rundown Ep. 22020-02-12T19:43:16+00:00

Recovery Rundown Ep. 1

In this episode we'll talk about, the links between teenagers, marijuana, and depression. We'll also talk about the opioid crisis, what Google is doing to help and so much more!

Recovery Rundown Ep. 12020-02-12T19:41:30+00:00

Grant’s Story

Grant shares his experience in the food and liquor industries while in active addiction and shares his story on how he is overcoming his addiction.

Grant’s Story2020-02-12T19:30:17+00:00

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