David’s Story

David starting drinking and using at a young age as a way to connect with others. After finding "community" in the party lifestyle, David began to see all his friends moving on in life while he stayed being the guy looking for the next high.

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Yes, Okay, and Thank You

We have all had the experience of an uncomfortable conversation. Where we have had to address or have something addressed about ourselves and our actions. Conflict resolution is not always an easy trait for us addicts and alcoholics. Here we explore the bringing of "Yes, Okay, and Thank You" to our conflicts.

Yes, Okay, and Thank You2019-09-13T21:07:11+00:00

Darin’s Story

Darin's story is all to common, being exposed to drinking and drugs at an early age. For some the tender age of 6 is a time for imagination, playing outside, and a safe home. For Darin and his twin brother things were very different.

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Sandy’s Story

A story of redemption, reconciliation, faith and hope. Sandy talks about her recovery, reconciling with a God of her understanding and dealing with hardships in recovery.

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Connection In Recovery

How important is it to have authentic connection in recovery? Some have even gone as far as to say that the opposite of addiction IS community. Here we share what we have found in a community of like minded addicts and alcoholics. And YES! you have to stand out there after a meeting and get

Connection In Recovery2019-08-16T20:55:11+00:00

Adam’s Story

We want to please our parents, society, we want to fit in and have a sense of belonging. Unfortunately for addicts and alcoholics nothing quite feels as right as a drug or a drink.

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Relationship CPR

Consistency, Predictability, and Reliability. These character traits are key to rebuilding old relationships and establishing new ones. For addicts and alcoholics keeping the peace whenever possible is important.

Relationship CPR2019-07-26T00:15:02+00:00

Labels, Judgements, Defects

Addicts seem to have a disease of perception. Although they are not unique in this dis-ease there responses to every day thought and emotions are lets say... extreme. In this visual episode Brian and Christian talk about self judgement, character defects, referring to yourself as an addict and much more.

Labels, Judgements, Defects2019-07-19T18:17:13+00:00

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